Brad Hag Store

This is the place to find everything you need to show the world you're a Brad Hag or Stag! From T-shirts to bumper stickers to bags, it's all here! Plus you can put all of these designs on 100's of other customizable items if you want to take your hagdom to the next level! Check Brad's Twitter & Facebook pages, as well, for regular updates on new merchandise as well as sales & discount offers!

bag of fucks


Brad's most popular item, by far, is his very own "Bag of Fucks!" Anyone who's seen him live has probably seen him give... or more likely not give... a fuck from his very own personal "Bag of Fucks"! Now you can give or not give your own bag to anyone. Or, use it yourself so that people know what they're getting into before they start to bother you with their stuff!

#Misguidedmemes - by Brad Loekle


When all your social media streams seemed to be full of nothing but babies, other people's lunches, and sticky sweet sentiments; you might just need a dose of reality for yourself or the people around you....


That's when you need #MISGUIDEDMEMES !


A hilarious splash of cold water for a world that just can't help but pat itself on the back all day. They come in a variety of products and price ranges for when you care to send the very best... or the very least.

The Brad hag store


If you're a "Brad Hag" (or for Brad's manlier fans, a "Brad Stag") then you won't want to miss any of this hilarious crap! Aside from all the great personal merchandise you can pick up at the store, 

you can also see Brad's new line of products he created just for our social media minds: #MisguidedMemes ! 

My Big Gay Life—The Book!

For years, Brad Loekle has been making audiences laugh on television and on stages all around the world. And for years people have asked if all the outrageous tales he tells onstage are true— they are! And many of them are now found in the pages of his first book: My Big Gay Life! — With takes of sex, drugs, and even Princess Leia, it’s chock full of all the sorts of bawdy Bradisms you’ve come to love him for.

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